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Polythene envelopes provide an ideal mailing solution by delivering your product in good condition and reducing your postal costs.

We are able to furnish your mailing requirements with either clear envelopes to present your message or opaque for confidentiality of the contents.

Use polythene mailing envelopes for strength and durability.

Discount Mailing is the place to be if you are searching for stock and custom mailing bags.

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What are Mailing bags?

Mailing bags and postal bags are designed to protect your products and delivery of those products anywhere in the world.

How mailing bags are made?

Mailing bags can be made out of bubble, foam, plastic, Tyvek, manilla, corrugated reinforced, and come in a variety of sizes and styles.

Uses of Mailing bags

Mailing Bags can be used for many different marketing materials. Many different industries currently use these bags including
  • Event Planning
  • Financial Planner
  • Travel Consultants
  • Direct Sales Consultants
  • Real Estate Agents
Mailing Bags can also be used in different settings such as for:
  • Mailings
  • Trade Shows
  • Presentation Packets at Networking Events
  • Delivering Information to That Important Client

Popular Mailing bags

  1. Self-Seal Poly Mailer or Tear proof Polyolefin mailers:
    • Tough, tear-proof polyolefin envelopes.
    • Lightweight, saves on postage.
    • High strength seams allow over-stuffing.
    • Ink, stamps and labels adhere easily.
    • Water resistant.
    • Perforated tear-strip for easy opening.
    • Tamper resistant.
  2. Clear View Poly Mailers or Economy Light weight postal mailers:
    • Instant exposure for your catalogs and promotional mailing pieces.
    • Clear poly front allows for easy viewing of contents.
    • White poly backing for labeling and postage.
    • With pre-printed address window
  3. Color Poly Mailers or Opauqe Mail order bags:
    • Your product will be opened immediately with these high gloss mailers.
    • Eye-catching, waterproof envelopes make mail pieces and promotions stand out.
    • Long-side opening has peel-and-seal strip to make closure easy. Gold and blue mailers are opaque; silver material is translucent.
  4. Bubble-Lined Polyolefin Mailers or Superlight bubble mailers:
    • Water-resistant and tear-proof mailer protects delicate products.
    • 3/16" bubble lining gently cushions and protects on the inside.
    • Extra smooth surface is perfect for handwriting or labeling.
  5. Self-Seal Jiffylite Bubble Mailers or Featherpost Jiffylite mailers:
    • Lightest weight mailer available. Save enough postage to nearly pay for the bag.
  6. Self-Seal Tyvek® Envelopes:
    • Resist tearing, puncturing and water damage with these self-seal mailers.
    • Recommended for important documents and sensitive materials.
    • Virtually indestructible - Tyvek® material is ten times stronger than paper.
    • Save postage - half the weight of paper.
    • 14 lb. spunbound olefin.
  7. Expandable Tyvek® Envelopes:
    • Ship bulky catalogs, reports or paperwork.
    • Ship twice as much in one envelope.
    • Large opening for quick and easy packing.
    • Tough, 18 lb. tear-resistant olefin.
  8. Color Tyvek® Envelopes:
    • Stand out from the clutter and create a powerful first impression.
    • Highly durable - Water resistant and tear proof, with peel and seal closure.
    • Additional colors quotes available. 5,000 piece minimum.
  9. Metallic or Glamour Mailers:
    • Dramatically increase your mailing piece response rate.
    • Metallized envelopes have self-seal closure with lip.
    • Durable, waterproof 280 Gauge.
  10. Tamper-Evident Security Mailing Envelopes

Polybags Limited, UK manufacture all above mentioned plastic bags at cheap prices.

Choose the right size mailing bags for your need

A0, A1 technical drawings, posters
A1, A2 flip charts
A2, A3 drawings, diagrams, large tables
A4 letters, magazines, forms, catalogs, laser printer and copying machine output
A5 note pads
A6 postcards
B5, A5, B6, A6 books
C4, C5, C6 envelopes for A4 letters: unfolded (C4), folded once (C5), folded twice (C6)
B4, A3 newspapers, supported by most copying machines in addition to A4
B8, A8 playing cards
A7 document enclosed envelopes

Want to place an order? Can you answer this!

Here are the questions we will ask for when you call to request a quote:

  1. Style of bag
  2. Size (Length x Width)
  3. Quantity
  4. Printing Requirements
  5. Type of closure (Heat seal, lip only, or lip/tape)
  6. Deadline for delivery

Please call Polybags Limited on 020 8575 8200 if you have any questions about what is the right material for your application.

Points to consider buying Mailing bags

Looking on the internet and finding a right supplier of mailing bags can be daunting. What we can't help is to provide you with bags but we can list a points you should consider buying a quality mailing bags at low prices:

    Not sure if the product you've selected will work for you? Our knowledgeable customer service professionals will work with you to find the right solution. They'll make recommendations, provide technical information, and send you a sample to test with your application absolutely free! Give them a call and solve your packaging problems today.
    Compare prices in the industry & Save. For an example Polybags Limited, UK offers the lowest price on custom printed bags. They're committed to offering you low prices, so they'd love to know if you found a better price for any bags at another retailer.
    Again consider buying from a supplier who offers 100% no quibbles guarantee such as Polybags Limited, UK.
    Do you buy larger than listed quantities? Yes, then why pay more! Don't hesitate to ask our expert sales professionals to quote on large volume orders.
    Not any supplier would have any size you need in stock so choose a supplier who can make the bags as per your need.
    Choose a supplier who can offer you a low quantity purchase.
    If you looking for a custom mailing bags and quick turnaround choose a manufacturer not merchants.
    Calculate total cost of mailing bags including delivery coz some retailer may sell cheap bags but charge an extra on delivery.

Polybags Limited is UK's top supplier of mailing bags and courier bags which offers most of above service.

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Other useful information

For more detailed information on mailing bags or courier bags please visit

Mailing & Courier bags' essay begins with introduction on mailing bags and how its made. It also covers types of mailing bags to suit your applications, lists major UK suppliers, highlights benefits of mailing bags, lists technical specifications to consider when buying a mailing/courier bags and provides hints when purchasing mailing bags and courier bags. These not all, this detailed essay also includes common application of mailing & courier bags. At last; lists advantages of Poly bubble mailer to conventional paper mailers. And, check our funny news to laugh a loud.

Make an impact with your mail.

Get noticed... Be remembered... Always use Polybags Mailing bags

Do you want to get the consumers attention?

A new way to package your marketing materials... Guaranteed results to get your promotional package opened. Polybags Mailing Bags gives your business a New Marketing Edge!

  • High Visibility, Customer Effect, Invites Creativity, Durable
  • Weatherproof, Mailing labels hold fast, USPS Approved
  • Factory Direct Pricing, Many sizes

Marketing in a Bag

How do you reach the consumer? This is an age-old question that is constantly more difficult in a world where every park bench has an advertisement on it. According to local entrepreneur Cheryl Kinney, taking a product that historically served the electronics and semiconductor markets, and using it as a mailing envelope is making a large impact in the world of mass marketing. The product, called Mailing bags has proven highly effective and is making an impact.

The Mailing bag is a slick, transparent, static- shielding pouch that is normally used for computer chips and other electronic components. "Because the bag looks high tech and sophisticated, I have turned it into a marketing agent," says Kinney. Bags are used as envelopes for direct mail marketing as well as attention grabbers for presentation packets at trade shows and networking events. They can be ordered with or without a zip- lock closure and can also be heat sealed as a more automated process when doing a large mailing. A business logo or return address can be permanently hot stamped on the bag at the factory. Many sizes are available but three have proven to be exceptionally popular with area businesses. The "Impact" mailer is 4½ x 9½ inches, the same as a #10 business envelope. "It's great for mailing a tri-fold, 8½ x 11 inch brochure," says Kinney. "The brochure can be seen through the bag to pique the recipient's interest." A 6 x 10 inch size will accommodate a large postcard and the 12 x 10 inch "Master Mailer" is a good fit for a catalog or small newspaper.

"With the implementation of the national Do-Not-Call Registry, marketers must shift their efforts away from cold calling by telephone and come up with new, creative ways to approach their prospects," says Kinney. "A mailing that arrives in a Mailing bag stands out from the rest of the mail and will get opened - usually first - and that's the goal: Get noticed, be remembered, always use Mailing bags."

On a national scale, Verizon and Jaguar have used the bags for mass mailing product introductions. Locally, Mailing bags are being used for mailings by financial institutions, real estate firms, travel consultants, and other businesses of all sizes. Lynn Allen of Atlantic Investment Group in Stevensville has received unsolicited, positive feedback from many of her clients and prospects that have received her materials in the pouch. "My newsletter became a signature piece of mail instead of a throw-away," she says. "Because it was visible through the bag, clients commented that it was very professional and eye-catching. I found it to be extremely cost effective, as well."

For more information about Mailing bags, visit Polybags.

Know how post is now priced by size as well as weight!

Size & Weight formats for mail - A Royal mail Guide


Each format has its own size, thickness and weight criteria. The guide below will help you work out which format your item will fall into.


Greetings cards, personal letters, postcards and bills are just a few examples of items that are likely to fall into the Letter format.

  • Length: 240mm max
  • Width: 165mm max
  • Thickness: 5mm max
  • Weight: 100g max


A4 documents, CDs and DVDs in their cases, certificates, some large greeting cards with badges and most magazines will fall into the Large Letter format.

  • Length: 353mm max
  • Width: 250mm max
  • Thickness: 25mm max
  • Weight: 750g max

Useful tip

You might consider folding your A4 document in half to fit into a C5 envelope. This would bring it down to the Letter format, as long as it is still less than 5mm thick.


Gifts, clothes, shoes, posters, video tapes, large books and other large items and documents are all examples of items that are likely to fall into the Packet format.

  • Length: over 353mm OR
  • Width: over 250mm OR
  • Thickness: over 25mm OR
  • Weight: over 750g

Guide to Print and Artwork for Mailing bags


Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, PageMaker



Macromedia Freehand

Please be aware that in some cases, latest software release versions may not yet be supported. We will let you know if there is an issue with the release version used.

Print Plate production is performed on a Macintosh Operating Platform and so files must be Mac compatible.


As well as from the above applications, eps, jpeg, tif and pdf file formats are acceptable.

All photographic images must be saved as CMYK.

If file format is a problem we will be able to recreate from a hard copy but there will be a cost involved and potential matching issues if the design is intricate.

Resolution required for bitmap based file formats must be at least 300 dpi at the actual artwork dimension size, otherwise quality will not be acceptable when printed.


To avoid problems of compatibility with fonts, all designs including type must include the associated font file. Please note there are 2 parts to a font file - the bitmap for viewing and the postscript for printing - and both must be included.

Where possible it is preferred that type matter is supplied as 'outline paths'. (Please remember to save a version of the artwork in live fonts as well, as outline paths can not be amended subsequently).


For files less than 20MB in size please feel free to email to us at . For larger sized files, an ISDN data transfer can also be accepted on request.

We also accept files on Floppy disk, CD-ROM, DVD-R and Zip Disk (100 and 250MB formats). Please ensure if there are multiple files on the disk that the required file is stipulated clearly.

Please always send a hard copy of the artwork by post as well as the digital format.


There are a large number of variables to consider when taking customer designed artwork and preparing it for print, therefore we always reserve the right to amend artwork estimates on sight of the artwork. However we will never amend prices once go-ahead for the order has been given.

We also appreciate that an estimate of artwork/plate costs is required upfront and have prepared a guide to costings below. There are 3 costs to consider - the Repro Artwork costs, the costs of the Printing Plates themselves plus any Proof.


Line Colour work with Spot Colours

Depending on the complexity of the artwork and if it is all ready set for print, cost will vary from £15- £30

Process Colour work

A basic cost of £30 will be charged with any additional costs from £60-£120 for image retouching

If you provide an Incorrect File Format or if a digital file is unavailable or unusable This will result in additional time charged at £30 per hour. If an image is not in the correct format and can not be converted /scanned it will need to be recreated. In such an event we will quote beforehand and only go-ahead with the Repro Artwork with your agreement.


For all line work print, please work on the basis of one plate per colour although there are occasions where more plates will be required, particularly if there is a short print repeat length of less than 12". If the print is on both sides this will require an additional set of plates regardless of whether the design is identical as the print process is performed on both sides simultaneously.

If a photographic image is required please work on the basis of 4 plates plus an extra plate for any bold type colour required.


PDF standard proof - Free of Charge

Cromalin Proof (Advised for all Process print work)

£100 per copy for tone work (£50 for line work) - Add £25 to provide proof on actual film substrate being used.


2 Colour 2 Side print on a bag 15x18" with the print area 10" wide by 8" deep

Loose Registration Line Work with digital file supplied in correct format.

  • Artwork = £15
  • Plates - Plate Cost = 80 sq inches* x £0.20 = £16.00 per plate x 4 plates = £64.00
  • PDF Proof - Free of Charge

* When calculating the plate area, use the maximum print width and length as the basis of the calculation.

CONSIDERATIONS FOR GOOD QUALITY PRINT RESULTS Please bear in mind the following considerations. They can help to improve the appearance of the final product:
  • Avoid tight register between colours and if possible leave at least 5mm. A bold white keyline around an image can help with register, otherwise you may experience a slight colour variation where the two colours touch (known as trapping).
  • Avoid designs that need to 'bleed' to the edge of the film. Whilst this can be done it incurs considerable extra cost. It is preferable to keep at least a 5mm border between the edge of the print area and the edge of the film.
  • Avoid print areas that extend over gussets as this can affect the ink transfer as the film will not be flat.
  • Try to keep type styles quite bold and avoid small or fine type. Bear in mind the final use of the printed bag. If it is a carrier bag to be viewed from distance rather than close up, bolder styles may be more effective.
  • Whilst tone work can be an effective print style with a graduated colour screen, avoid reducing down to zero because when printing there will be a visible point at which there is no longer any print (approximately when the colour % falls below 5%)
  • Avoid Light Print on a Dark Film background e.g. White print on an opaque Red film. This is because inks are translucent and so affected by the base colour. In the above example we would recommend printing a red design on a white film or reversing out the colour so that you have almost 100% ink coverage of red on a white bag to give a white design on a red background.


You can see from the above document that depending on the complexity of the design there can be significant time from sending the initial design idea, to printing plate production. If lead times are critical (and also to avoid unnecessary costs in artwork) it is important to be clear about the design required, to send the artwork in the correct format and to review and approve the proof as quickly as possible.

We will always look to prioritise urgent jobs but obviously they can not be scheduled until the plates are ready.